Chairperson Message

Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital is a world-class facility focused primarily on quality eye care with cutting edge technology and highly skilled medical team.

We constantly strive to excel and are committed to serve every individual who walks through the doors of Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital. We hold our core values - respect, compassion, teamwork and integrity very close to our heart and strive to provide quality eye care to maximize patient satisfaction.

Excellence in delivery of services is a hospital-wide initiative, having its roots in patient, their family and staff satisfaction. We enhance our patient’s delight through continuous quality improvement and upgrading our knowledge, skills and implementation of Quality Management Systems. Quality is thus everyone’s responsibility and commitment.

Whatever your reason for visiting our hospital, we invite you to become better acquainted with Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital, and share our enthusiasm for providing tomorrow’s eye care today.
Dr Haifa-Chair Person

Dr. Haifa Ahmed Mahmood
Ophthalmology Consultant


Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital identifies patient care & service as the core of its being. It ensures to understand and adopt the highest standards of patient care and safety.

Based on International Standards which are Evidence Based, the Hospital delivers all Ophthalmic consultations, procedures and services with the Highest standards in an environment suitable to all patients, keeping in mind to consider their preferences & beliefs when possible.


The aim of Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital is to the patient’s first choice when considering medical care for Ophthalmology services.

The Hospital’s objective is to become an internationally renowned institution, especially among its fellow associates in the GCC and beyond.

The staff at the Hospital strive to reach and maintain the highest level of Quality Patient Care and Service for all patients.