76thy Annual Conference of the All India Ophthalmology Society

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Smart Laser Technology

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Paper-based records are no longer be used in our hospital

Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital launched its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system on January 2016. We have replaced paper-based medical records with a comprehensive most advanced electronic record system from German.

Dr. Haifa Eye hospital is committed to offering EMR solutions that improve workflows and comply with documentation requirements

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a paperless, digital and computerized system of maintaining patient data.  It enhances patient care by providing a more efficient way to document patient care and allowing for fast, accurate exchange of patient health information among our eye care team.  The EMR contains complete eye information about a patient.

We have rolled out the EMR so that our health care professionals will have the most up-to-date and accurate information, all in one place, when they care for patient’s eye care.

The new system will improve communication among doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and the rest of eye care team, helping them deliver even safer care.

The EMR makes prescribing medicines and glass even safer. The system offers prompts and warnings to doctors as they make decisions about the eye care medicines

The EMR statistics helps on ongoing research studies

Seminar and Workshop on Clinical Research Methodology

Intracorneal continuous ring implantation for keratoconus: One-year follow-up

Intracorneal continuous ring implantation for keratoconus



Dr. Haifa Mahmood performed the first MyoRing implantation using Femtosecond laser technology for keratoconus patient

1st International Ophthalmology Conference 2014 News Paper Article

1st International Ophthalmology Conference 2014 News Paper Article