Myoring for Keratoconus


Dr. Haifa eye hospital is first in introducing myoring for keratoconus treatment in gulf region and one of few in the world.

MyoRing is a 360° continuous full-ring implant to be implanted into a corneal pocket for the treatment of Myopia and Keratoconus. The internationally patented device combines two a-priori contradictory


Rigidity for the modelling and stabilisation of the corneal shape after implantation and flexibility (shape memory) for the implantation via a small pocket entry to preserve the corneal biomechanics.

The treatment is minimally invasive and easy to perform. It is intra- and postoperatively painless with a very short rehabilitation time 



All grades of Myopia between 1 dioptre and 20 dioptre, which are not eligible to Excimer Laser treatment such as:

  • Irregular corneal surface
  • Keratoconus
  • High myopia
  • The patient wants a minimally invasive and reversible myopia treatment


All grades of non-central and central Keratoconus, PMD as well as post-LASIK Keratectasia as long as the minimal corneal thickness is larger than 350 microns. In very advanced cases, the MyoRing implantation should be combined with corneal crosslinking

Advantages & Benefits


In comparison to other alternatives to Excimer Laser treatment, which are intra-ocular procedures with significant risks, side-effects and long-term complications, MyoRing implantation into a corneal pocket is minimally invasive, reversible and easy to perform.


In comparison to the treatment with ring-segments, MyoRing implantation into a corneal pocket is more effective in all grades of Keratoconus and allows the surgeon access to all 3 theoretically possible degrees of freedom of an intra-corneal implant in order to achieve the best possible result in every given case. Since the MyoRing is a continuous ring without free ends, typical complications of ring-segments such as e.g. extrusions are usually not seen in Myoring treatment.