Optical Service

We have established Dr. Haifa Optical Center to provide excellent care with various types of medical glasses and contact lenses.

Medical Glasses

  • Dispensing of single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, Progressive lenses and special bifocal lenses for children for squint. Hi index lenses also available.
  • We have special machine called ImpressionIST to take accurate measurement for progressive glasses.

Contact lenses:

  • Dispensing Soft contact lenses and toric contact lenses even for high myopes, hyperopes and Astigmatism. We also dispense soft prosthetic contact lenses.
  • Dispensing latest type of Rose-K lenses and Hybrid contact (Clearkone) lenses for Keratoconus patients.

Low vision Aids for those having very poor vision

Prosthetic ready made shells for cosmetic purpose.

Special Prisms such as Fresnal prisms to tackle double vision problem.