Presbyopia Treatment


PresbyMAX® is the refractive surgery to treat presbyopia along with either of short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism

PresbyMAX® is a promising surgical alternative for the correction of presbyopia, initiating the second generation techniques. PresbyMAX® is the first systematic and scientifically based approach for the correction of presbyopia with an excimer laser. It is an excellent option for the compensation of initial and intermediate presbyopia in patients.

The use of a mathematical model for predicting postoperative outcomes avoids contrandications of presbymax that may lead to visual acuity problems postoperatively.

The procedure:

PresbyMAX® designs the multifocal ablation profile according to the predicted postoperative outcomes for long and short distances. A central area is created for short vision and a peripheral area for distance vision. Multifocality, created with biaspheric ablation profiles based on optimized mathematic curves, provides adequate transitions between long and short sighted vision.


Short sighted vision of presbyopic patients is significantly improved with less dependence on reading glasses.  Both eyes are treated together which create multi-focal vision in each eye.