Schwind Amaris

The SCHWIND AMARIS is a "Total Tech Laser". Not only can it do anything – it can do it outstandingly well, too. It is the new generation of excimer lasers, redefining perfection in refractive surgery.

High performance in any discipline

Fast, strong, precise, and safe – in every situation, the SCHWIND AMARIS is a step ahead. It combines very high ablation speed with a turbo eye tracker actively compensating eye movements in all six dimensions. This ensures the perfect balance between extremely high speed and accuracy.

The perfect solution: tailor-made treatment planning with the integrated SCHWIND CAM software. 

The concept of maximum safety is completed through the integration of online pachymetry. Unique ergonomic advantages optimize your treatment process. The benefit for you: The best possible prerequisites for excellent results. 

Maximum precision – minimum eye treatment time

Trusted speed: quick and reliable, the SCHWIND AMARIS has an impressive "true" repetition rate of 500 Hz. This incredibly high level of performance is achieved safely in combination with an unusually fast eye tracker. 

The system uses the "Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment' method for optimal ablation control. Depending on the planned refractive correction, about 80 percent of the corneal ablation is performed with high fluence level, thus speeding up the treatment. Fine correction is performed with a low fluence level, improving the resolution. The advantage is that the laser treatment is significantly shortened, especially when higher refractions are corrected – without compromising on precision and safety.

Perfect planning

The modular SCHWIND CAM offers you tailor-made treatment planning for a broad application range in refractive and therapeutic corneal laser surgery. 

Particle-free climatic conditions

Pure innovation. The unique particle aspiration system of the SCHWIND AMARIS provides for stable environmental conditions over the cornea – independent of any air movement in the operating room. The result of SCHWIND's comprehensive flow analysis is that energy-reducing particles are removed during ablation with the aid of directed airflow. The laser beam is guided in a vacuum within the system.

High-resolution online Pachymetry

This concept of maximum safety is completed through the integration of high-resolution online pachymetry. During the surgical procedure, changes in corneal thickness are displayed in real time. 

Six dimensions

The SCHWIND AMARIS eye tracker impresses with ground-breaking performance features. The position of the eye is monitored 1050 times per second with an unequalled reaction time of three milliseconds. Moreover, the eye tracker continuously follows eye movements in all six mentioned dimensions and compensates them actively, thus providing perfect treatment results.

Gentle and effective

The "intelligent Thermal Effect Control" ensures thermally optimized, dynamically adapted distribution of the laser pulses during the treatment. This means that there is always enough time for each area on the cornea to cool down between laser pulses. 

This prevents damage to the cornea after long exposure times – even with the SCHWIND AMARIS' very high ablation speed. With its minimum beam size of 0.54mm (FWHM) and its Super-Gaussian beam profile, the SCHWIND AMARIS ensures very high ablation accuracy, resulting in exceptionally smooth treatment surfaces.