Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Patients Rights

1. To receive high quality, compassionate, considerate and respectful care, without any prejudice pertaining to ethnicity, gender, religious belief or age.

2. To be informed of alternative options or sources of care and services, even if they are not available at Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital.

3. In case a transfer to another facility Is required, to be provided with a complete explanation including alternatives to the transfer.

4. To choose the doctor that you want to treat you, to know his/her name and specialty, and to be allowed to have a look at his/her educational credentials and experience certificates.

5. To be fully informed about the illness, treatment, and prognosis, and to be educated about any matter relating to medication, diet, prevention, and any other aspect of the treatment and disease process, including any unanticipated outcomes.

6. To know the price for any doctor’s consultation or any provided service, such as the price of investigations, inpatient admissions, and any other procedures. The patient also has the right to discuss this matter anytime prior to receiving the service or after it, with the front office executives or other authorized staff.

Moreover, you have the right to have your healthcare information protected, whereby information concerning your health and treatment may only be disclosed with prior consent, except when mandated in terms of law or an order of the court.

7. To refuse any treatment to the extent permitted by the law and be Informed of the medical consequences of refusal.

8. To refuse any examination or treatment conducted solely for the education or Information of others, or to have your medical case used for such a purpose. 

Patients Responsibilities

1. To be on time when you have a scheduled appointment. In case of any delay or change, please contact the reception desk.

2. To provide a complete medical history (including allergies, medications taken, etc.), and other relevant details to enable your healthcare provider to develop a suitable plan of care.

3. To fully participate in the treatment plan by asking for information that will help you understand your condition and the treatment plan, especially before signing consent forms.

4. To pay the required fees and charges for the medical services provided in a timely manner.

5. To treat all staff, visitors and other patients with respect and courtesy.

6. To respectfully comply with Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital regulations and requirements such as: working hours, non-smoking rule, looking after your kids inside the hospital.

7. To follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor, or to accept responsibility for your health outcome if you choose not to.

8. Inform your doctor or nurse of any changes that occur in your medical condition, whether positive or negative.

9. We also kindly ask you to complete the Patient Feedback Form before you leave the hospital to help us constantly improve our services.